Posted by: theovalich | February 18, 2009

Facebook retracts its new TOS agreement

Logging into Facebook today, I was greeted with an interesting statement, as witnessed below:

Facebook retracts its new TOS, returns to the older text...

Facebook retracts its new TOS, returns to the older text...

As you can see, Facebook decided to return their old TOS into use, and even though with that Terms of Service Agreement is still pretty loose when it comes to your rights, some improvements happened. Good thing is that Facebook also pushed Bill of Rights and Responsibilities.

Interesting to see what a little bit of negative press can turn into (avalanche of discontent).

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  1. Hmm. Strange. Didn’t pop up at my end today. Agreed however, that they’re taking note of a little negative press.. ;)

  2. Oh there was more than a little…once this got on Facebook itself courtesy of a group, ‘People against the new Terms of Service’ it was wildfire and I myself had got to the stage of drafting a letter which could be used under the ToS to make Facebook WANT to delete your content (I’ve verified it would have flown but am now holding onto it while waiting to see what happens next).

    One thing’s for sure, the Financial Crisis was a watershed after which people are readily prepared to ACT UP.

  3. Well, it looks like Facebook is turning into a 1st class political vehicle to test the muddy waters in corporate and governmental politics.

    We’ll see, but for now, several very interesting things happened – Obama lead its campaign through Myspace and Facebook, while Croatian PM was ridiculed all around the world for his heroic anti-facebook escapades (arresting people that posted negative criticism over his decision).

    Things are heating up…

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