Posted by: theovalich | February 11, 2009

Nvidia unlocks SLI technology for everybody

Article retracted.

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  1. First of all, your Blog is very interesting and I enjoy reading it. Keep it up.
    @topic: So this means that I’ll eventually be able to do SLI on my P45 ? Not bad as I have a single 8800GT and a second one would be cheap on eBay …

  2. Thanks, much appreciated. I hope you’ll enjoy my new website too, launching soon ;)

    Yes, this means you should have no problems in running two 8800GT in SLI mode on P45 motherboard – you only need to wait for SLI-enabling driver update, probably available this week.

  3. If there is nothing strange going on this is great news indeed.
    Well this means that I’m going to have to scourge on Ebay for a cheap 8800 GT.

  4. ;)

    Good luck guys, 8800GT is a great card. ;)

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  6. This is exciting news, but I’m confused. I read through all the press releases I could find, and there is no mention of unlocking SLI on the P45 chipset, for example. And no other sites are reporting on this.

    The reports I’m seeing from other sites merely discuss SLI on the X58 boards.

    Could you confirm we will be able to run SLI on our P45, X38, etc motherboards?

  7. Theo, I think we need some further clarification on this issue! I would love SLi on my X48 but Nvidia didn’t release any news like that, plus none of the new drivers supports this feature!

  8. Yea unfortunately I think Theo got his facts wrong on this one.

  9. True, misunderstood the press release. that’s why I retracted the article.

  10. meh someone cracked it now on p45/x38/x48

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